How to choose fashion design school

Television shows like Project Runway and Fashion Star have renewed interest in the career of fashion design. If you are creative, love fashion, and have a unique point of view you may be able to create the next new fashion trend. But, to be successful in the fashion industry you must attend a fashion design school.

There are advantages to attending a design school. You’ll have a degree which will allow you to work in entry level fashion positions such as a buyer, marketing, historian or assistant to a fashion designer. You’ll have a mentor who can assist you in building a portfolio of your best designs. As a degreed fashion designer you’ll have a voice in determining a fashion trend for a generation of people. It is a constructive career for people to use their creativity and work with clothing if they have a love for clothes, glamor, and style.

The field of fashion design is very competitive and you’ll work with highly critical people. Attending a fashion design school will prepare you for rejection, criticism, and the challenges you’ll face. Designers work hard and sacrifice their time to create a fashion line that’s sell-able. To create a successful fashion line designers need to know about past fashion styles and trends and have a strong working knowledge of fabrics and sewing techniques.

Fashion designers are also business people. They need a strong business sense to market and build their fashion lines or houses. The ability to successfully market your designs to fashion buyers is necessary to make a living. In the television show Fashion Star, the designers were challenged to create two versions of one design. They had to create a high fashion version and a mass market version of their garment. The contestants without a strong understanding in the differences did poorly in the challenge. Those with an understanding in marketing knew the differences and were able to impress the buyers and make a sale.

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Not every self taught designer can be as lucky or talented as Jean Paul Gaultier. As an aspiring fashion designer you should really attend a fashion design school and learn the essentials necessary to be a designer.